Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care in Huntington Park

If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you and your baby’s health begin with the choices you make. When you choose CCCHC for your prenatal care, you are making the choice to receive the best care during pregnancy. By choosing us, you also lay the foundation for a healthy life for your child. We offer a comprehensive array of services geared to meet the needs of the mother and child at every stage of pregnancy. Our high-quality medical care and education ensure that you and your baby are safe, happy and healthy.
Our team is here to help you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. We’ll help keep you informed on what, when, and how many appointments you’ll need and provide you with a full range of education services. We have health educators including prenatal counselors, nutritionists, social workers, childbirth educators and lactation experts.
Going through a pregnancy without the proper health checks and services can pose serious health risks. Regular check-ups for both mother and child during pregnancy reduces the risk of complications and helps to ensure the best possible start in life for the child. If you are expecting and in need of affordable care, our prenatal program is the solution to any mother that is unsure if she is able to receive such help elsewhere.

Prenatal Care Plan

At CCCHC Huntington Park we will work with you to develop a care plan for you before, during and after pregnancy. This includes your team of doctors, counselors and more:

  • Medical appointments
  • Health educator
  • Nutritionist
  • Prenatal counselors
  • Social workers
  • Childbirth educators
  • Lactation education and support.
  • Prenatal non-stress test (NST)
  • Prenatal ultrasound
  • Dental appointments

Medical Appointments

Prenatal Non-Stress Test (NST)

At our prenatal clinic in Huntington Park, we offer prenatal non-stress tests (NST). These tests help to monitor your baby’s health in a way that is non-invasive to you or them. This test is performed if your physician thinks that your baby has an increased risk of death. If you are pregnant and in need of a NST, CCCHC is ready and prepared to monitor you before, during and after if any additional clarification of results is needed.

Prenatal Ultrasound

Prenatal ultrasounds are routinely performed throughout the pregnancy to check on the baby’s development and health. Typically, you will have two done, one in the first trimester to confirm the appropriate due date and the second around 18-22 weeks to confirm the sex and general anatomy. Our ultrasound techs and other prenatal staff are experienced and well-equipped to provide you with a wonderful ultrasound experience as you see your baby for the first time.

Dental Appointments

Pregnancy can result in the redirection of certain vital nutrients and vitamins important for dental health from you to your developing baby. This can ultimately harm the health of your teeth. Because this is so common, it is not only important to keep up with prenatal vitamins for dental health, but to keep up with routine visits so any dental issues that may arise during pregnancy can be addressed as quickly as possible. We are here to help direct you to the appropriate dental care provider for you.

Health Educators

Prenatal Counselors

If your baby is found to have a birth defect or genetic condition, then you will likely be in need of a prenatal counselor. At CCCHC we understand the importance of education, especially when it comes to expecting parents. If you are in need of one, our prenatal counselors in Huntington Park are available to become part of your care team so that you can stay informed and learn what to expect in terms of caring for your child post pregnancy, how to prepare, and to explore any other options.

Perinatal Social Workers

At CCCHC Huntington Park, we are partnered with perinatal social workers for any pregnancy circumstance from pre-conception through the first year of life. Our perinatal social workers are there to help you and your family navigate complex situations, including legal, psychological, and more; medical challenges, and to process any difficult information.

Childbirth Educators

Our childbirth educators help to teach expecting families about the process of labor and giving birth. They offer information to help parents prepare for the entire process and the parenthood that follows.
Lactation education and Support
At our prenatal clinic in our women’s health center, we offer lactation education and support. Our lactation clinic will pair you with a specialist that will help to educate, problem solve and answer any questions you may have.


Maintaining health through nutrition is always vital, but it is especially vital during pregnancy in order to ensure your baby is receiving all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs throughout development. Our prenatal nutritionists will work with you to help maintain or develop a nutrition plan to improve your health, putting your baby on the best possible path to nutrition during pregnancy.

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